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cover image for antonie antonie


So I’m a bit late to the party with this one. Some 2 years ago I took a picture of my long term collaborator, Hervé Girardin of Nevsky Perspective, sitting on his Cardiff windowsill, looking emo. The image turned out pretty well and I told him to use it for whatever.

Low and behold he used it as the single cover for his track La Bouche Des Autres, released under the name Antonie Antonie and released it on Cavalierosity records back in November 2016. I only just found out about it.

Check out the single here:

Check out more of Hervé’s fantastic music here:

Check out more releases on Cavalierosity, on the Bandcamp page. Founded by another collaborator of mine, Jack Rees (see Origami Reinkarnasjon in Works).

HouseMADE short documentary video

The very good people at Cardiff MADE gallery have hosted this lovely video of the House MADE installation/residency I was part of back in November 2016. I was commissioned by Zoë Gingell, director of Cardiff MADE gallery in South Wales to create an original, 8-speaker sound-art piece that spanned the full 3 hour duration of the event throughout 2 floors of the house.

I made original sound-art pieces for artists, Zoë Gingell and June Cambell-Davies, excerpts of which are heard throughout the video. We are working towards re-installing the pieces in new locations in 2018. Watch this space for more details.


My boys, Despereaux have chosen another of my images as the cover of their second single release, Anomaly, from their new album, Hugging the Cactus.


The image is a 110 photograph taken on expired film with a red filter. Unedited and digitised with a neg scanner.

You can hear the fantastic single here:

I did an interview for Circuit Sweet with Despereaux discussing their new album which is out this week:

Enthusiasm teaser video

Artist and curator, Stefhan Caddick has made a short teaser video for the Enthusiasm event at Redhouse in Merthyr, South Wales on the 1st of July. As part of the event, Stefhan commissioned me to write and record an original re-scoring of Dzhiga Vertov’s 1930 film Enthusiasm: Symphony on the Donbass. 

I will be performing the soundtrack live to the film at the event. The teaser video features and excerpt from my recorded soundtrack alongside clips of the original film. For more details of the event please check out Stefhan’s website:



white film at musikkfest oslo 2017


My soundtracked version of Joseph Bernards 1978 masterpiece, WHITE FILM will be screened at Støyscene at 10pm as part of Musikkfest Oslo 2017. Location is Grünerlokka Deichmanske bibliotek, Schous Plass 10, 0552 Oslo.

I’m very proud to have our collaboration screened at this incredible festival with other awesome acts. For full program and details check out this link:


The fighter


My boys, Despereaux have released their incredible new single, The Fighter from their forthcoming album using one of my ÉN TI pieces as their cover image. You can listen to the track bellow and check out their facespace media here:

Circuit sweet compilation 8


The fantastic Circuit Sweet is a glorious 8 years old today! I have worked with them extensively over the last 6-7 years and welcomed me onto their management roster about a year ago.

Please check out their new compilation which features my track, Hospital Clown from my album ÉN TI amongst 23 other awesome, independent tracks.


enthusiasm live


Image from the collection of the Austrian Film Museum
Frame enlargement Georg Wasner

In November 2016 I was commissioned by artist, Stefhan Caddick and Dr. Victoria Donovan to write and record an original re-scoring of Dzinga Vertov’s 1930 masterpiece film, Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbass as part of their event, Enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a migration story spanning Merthyr Tydfil and Ukraine; the 1860s to the present day. This innovative, interdisciplinary one-day arts event brings together musicians, members of the community, archivists and historians to take a radical look at a little-known historical episode that links Merthyr and the South Wales Valleys to the Donbas in Ukraine and asks how the legacy of this past continues to resonate in our social, cultural and political landscape today.

I will be performing my re-scoring, live, at the event on Saturday the 1st of July 2017 at the Red House in Merthyr, South Wales. Entry is free. Experience is priceless.

For more details please visit Stefhan’s website:

JB/SG White film (soundtrack version) now online

In 2016 I did a collaboration with Michigan based film maker Joseph Bernard. I made a soundtrack arrangement of collage sound to his 1978 masterpiece, WHITE FILM. This is soon to be screened in London (scroll down for more details) and can now be viewed online for the first time.  See it on Vimeo by clicking on the box below. Enjoy

Walls opening

WALLS image

Zoë Gingell, director of Cardiff MADE gallery commissioned me to write and record original sound art for her Creative Wales award piece, “Walls”. We have made a multi-sensory collaborative installation using original material and digitised tapes of personal archive recordings from Zoë’s family. The HD audio features 60-70 minute quadrophonic looped drones and atmospheric recordings alongside sound bites triggered by motion sensors. This is installed alongside Zoë’s original physical/visual work featuring transparent bricks and projected video.

A highly emotional and personal piece that has taken a lot of effort and experimentation to conceive. This was the first commission I have done entirely on a remote basis.

You can sample a clip of the audio here:

The installation opens at Cardiff MADE gallery on Monday 13th of February. For gallery information, check out their Facebook page:

For more information on this project, please see the Walls page under the Works tab.